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Tussar silk is one of the most popular silk in India amongst four kinds of pure silk, which is mainly produced in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bengal, Orissa & Bihar. Sarees & suits made out of Tussar silks are highly adorned in Indian society, which is handwoven to its perfection by skilled weavers with the knowledge handed down from generations.


Silk is a material of luxury. Due to its unique characteristic, luster, brightness & natural sand color, Tussar Silk Sarees & Suits are very light & comfortable to wear. Not only does silk possess a natural luster and shine but is also accepted to be the supreme among other fabrics. The material silk is a symbol of grace and femininity, besides being elegant and regal. It is spectacular if your wardrobe consists of silk attire, as it provides the glamorous & graceful look you deserve. Being natural silk it is considered very auspicious to wear during festivals, wedding & other special occasions since ancient times. In fact, it has been a tradition in the regions of Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand & Orissa that all bride must only wear Tussar silk sarees in their wedding.


Produced in varieties of handwoven traditional & contemporary designs, colors, block prints, discharge print, ombre & embroidery, silk is very popular amongst all age group of Indian women.

With our expert weavers, craftsman & Artisan, we are manufacturing some of the finest designs in various silk textile products, & we have innumerable designs for you to choose from.With our wide range of silk, cotton & linen you are likely to be spoilt for choice. A range of versatile products for every mood, budget & occasion. Each product is carefully design & crafted in our in-house production facility. Our in-house designers work in close collaboration with weavers & craftsman, nurturing their creativity, to make each product a symbol of perfection. With our attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship, expect nothing short of a masterpiece. Each piece is carefully designed & produced in our own factory by master artisans.

All possible care is taken to produce unique & high-quality products, but due to its natural characteristic, there may always be some inconsistency in quality, color & design, which should not be considered as defects & rather be accepted it as a natural quality of Tussar Silk.

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Having engaged in the manufacturing of Silk sarees since over 6 generations, we have now brought to you our finest silk products right at your door step..!!